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Spotless Life. Spotless Mind.

Spotless Life.

Spotless Mind.


At Headway Cleaning, we know the importance of keeping your property neat and tidy. Whether you are at home or at work, you deserve to have a clean and calm space to improve your productivity or simply relax. That’s where we come in. We can help you concentrate on what is important while we take care of your everyday cleaning tasks.

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Domestic Cleaning

Regular Domestic Cleaning

Regular Domestic Cleaning

Your house is your home and you do your best to keep it that way. However, there are so many things that demand your time, travel, work, family, and so on. Your poor home is the first one to suffer but as it provides you with comfort and security, it quietly carries on doing what it’s good at, keeping a roof over your head and protecting you from the elements. Headway Cleaning will not neglect your living space, our focus is providing your home with the greatest care and attention you would like to give but cannot due to other commitments. Just like you, we are very particular, that is why before our friendly, reliable cleaners step foot in your home, we make sure they are vetted, trained, trusted, experienced, insured, and above all, tuned into your requirements. You may enjoy looking after your home and rather somebody else deal with all the washing and ironing you seem to accumulate on a daily basis, well it won’t surprise you to know, we have professionals with the credentials to take these chores on too!

One Off Domestic Clean

One Off Domestic Clean

Wouldn’t it be great if your home was like all the gadgets you have in it? You could just press RESET and it would return to the sparkling clean home it was when you first moved in.

Well, although technology hasn’t caught up with bricks and mortar, Headway Cleaning does have another option. Our vetted, trained, trusted, experienced and insured team will “Spring” into action and give your home a deep clean to return it to its former glory. 

Our one-off cleaning service essentially gives your property a spring clean and there is no minimum charge. We will give you guidance on what we expect the cost to be based on the size of your house but your home is unique so we all need to be flexible with the time it takes.

We won’t compromise our standards and we would not expect you to accept that.

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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services

Your workplace says a lot about you and your business. Work is where your employees spend a large proportion of their life in. By neglecting workspaces can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction by your staff and in extreme cases, can also lead to absence due to poor hygiene. Our vetted, trained, trusted, experienced, and insured team will maintain your premises so your team can enjoy a clean and vibrant working environment. With various plans covering all kinds of budgets, we will have exactly the right plan for you and if we don’t, we will just tailor one as in business, we know the customer knows best.

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